Kelp DAO and Laser Digital Partner to Bring Restaking Solutions to Digital Funds

26th April 2024
Laser Digital Innovates with Kelp DAO: A Leap Towards Elevating Digital Asset Funds
Leading liquid restaking protocol, Kelp DAO, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Laser Digital, Nomura Group's digital asset subsidiary This partnership introduces innovative restaking solutions into Laser Digital's current and future digital funds, positioning Kelp DAO as the preferred restaking partner for Laser Digital.

A Synergy of Tradition and Innovation
The partnership brings together traditional financial acumen with cutting-edge blockchain innovation. By integrating Kelp DAO's liquid restaking solution into its offerings, Laser Digital facilitates a robust channel for institutional investors to delve into Ethereum's dynamic market.
Unlocking Ethereum's Potential
The collaboration between Laser Digital and Kelp DAO opens the door to maximizing Ethereum's restaking rewards, leveraging Kelp DAO's platform for its ease of use and efficiency. This initiative aligns with the broader goal of democratizing access to digital asset investments, simplifying the journey for investors new to the blockchain space.
Redefining Investment Strategies
By choosing Kelp DAO as a partner, Laser Digital underscores its commitment to leading the way in digital asset management, signalling a new era for institutional Ethereum adoption. The partnership not only amplifies the potential within the digital asset ecosystem but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of restaking in enhancing investment strategies.
About Kelp DAO
With $850M+ in TVL (Total Value Locked) with 40,000+ active restakers, Kelp DAO is a leading liquid restaking protocol revolutionizing the DeFi landscape with their constant innovation and rewarding solutions. With a mission to unlock DeFi rewards and enhance liquidity for restaked assets, Kelp DAO is pioneering a path of economic freedom and innovation in the digital asset space.
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About Laser Digital
Laser Digital is a crypto business redefining the frontier of digital finance. Backed by Nomura, Laser Digital delivers scalable, robust opportunities across trading, asset management, and ventures. The team works at higher risk management standards, compliance, and commercial viability, all driven by a belief in more responsible crypto innovation. With an open and dynamic culture, Laser Digital has the freedom to adapt to market needs, to move swiftly to capitalisation, and to share learnings with clients and partners –bringing greater confidence to the institutional market for the benefit of all.
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Kelp DAO
Archana B
Head of Marketing
Laser Digital
Sophie Arnold
Head of Communications

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